Glass Types

Annealed Glass – This type of glass is commonly known as float which is directly cut by one of our Automatic cutting tables to the size required. Annealed glass is NOT a safety glass which means when broken it will leave long and very sharp edges. This product is ideal for non high risk areas, for example high up out of reach or danger or possibility of falling through. Stocked in a wide range of sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Tempered / Toughened Glass – A well known safety glass that once broken will shatter into small pieces. Toughened glass is stronger than normal annealed due to the process. Once the annealed glass has been cut to size it will be loaded onto a toughening furnace, where it will be heated up to roughly 720 degrees for a couple of minutes before then being cooled.

This product is commonly used where safety is important for example low level glazing, side door panels, patio doors etc.

Laminated Glass – When laminated glass is broken the PVB inter-layer keeps the glass held strong together. The strength of the inter-layer is designed to withstand human impact without falling though, also ideal for security. Laminated glass also features from better DB ratings as well as blocking 99% of UV. Available stock of 6.4mm, 6.8mm, 8.8mm and 10.8mm.